Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1.   Do I need to be on all social media networks?

No, the majority of businesses do very well on Facebook. 


2.  Can I add other social networks to my plan?

Yes! You can pick and choose the sites that you would like your business on. 


3.  Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes you can cancel at any time.  There are no contracts or penalties for cancelling.  


4.  When am I billed?

Client are billed automatically every month on the date that you signed up on, month to month, until you cancel. 


5.  How are Page likes gained?

Add a Facebook Ads package to your plan at checkout to get Likes daily. 


6.  Can someone come to my office and talk to me more about the services?

Yes! Please use the contact page to set up an appointment.  

7.  How many times do you post content?

It depends on the plan that you choose. 

8.  Do we need to provide you with content to post?

You can if you want to.  We provide a turnkey service, we work with or without your input.  If you wish for us to post content or want to share, no problem, simply send it to us and we'll get it done asap.


9.  What kind of content do you post?

We do our research and post engaging articles, images, videos, links and text that is related to your business and industry.


11.  Can I get more posts per day?

We believe that one post a day is sufficient for small and midsized businesses.  But we could temporarily boost up post.  Please contact us to discuss further. 

12.  Can you setup my social networks?

Yes, we can setup your Facebook Page for free!  Just indicate that you need us to when filling out our Business Profile after checkout. 


13.  Where are you located?

 We are located in Hermiston Oregon. 

14.  How come your services are so CHEAP?  What's the catch?

There is NO CATCH!  We have worked hard to reduce the costs to you and we work based on volume of clients we receive instead of big profits. 


15.  What kind of access do I need to give you?

We require that you make us an ADMIN on the Pages you want us to manage.  We will provide you with simple instructions on how to do this after checkout.  


16.  How do I get started?

Choose a monthly plan,  send us an email or call and we'll take it from there! It is that simple!!